I would have to say that Evergreen is definitely a great place cause the staff and all the CNAs are really caring and attentive to the residents. The physical therapy staff is excellent in the details of rehabilitation. I stayed short term after a car accident and everyone including residents are super nice. Helped me to get back on my feet again…. literally! Thanks.

Kirk M.

I was in a previous Rehabilitation Center but Evergreen is definitely better. They are into their job and very encouraging! This is a great place for short stay physical therapy. The physical therapist who helped me were very great. The CNAs are real attentive and helpful. Nurses and staff are all great. Staff has great attitude. I would highly recommend Evergreen.

Evangelina G.

I had the loveliest time these last 2 months at Evergreen. Staff is very nice. The CNAs are wonderful. Activities always keep you busy and fun. Nurses are very nice. Department heads are very friendly and help meet needs, in a timely manner. Housekeeping helps keep the room smell clean. Kitchen makes lovely food. Therapy helped me improve physically, willingness to help. Evergreen makes you feel like home. I give Evergreen a 5 star, I recommend this place to anyone. I will miss Evergreen.

Michael M.

Evergreen has been my mom’s home for 14 years. She is healthy and vibrant because of the Evergreen staff. The nurses, social workers, activity director, janitors, etc, all do their part to create a loving, clean and safe environment. They work to keep residents healthy and emotionally stable. I highly recommend it.

Alicia A.

I have been so impressed with your staff, my brother was admitted to your care because of several problems that will not let him live without assistance. I have heard many horror stories about nursing homes but I find that not to be true with your organization. In fact, we the family find your staff members to be kind, considerate, ready to listen, and very professional.

Ronald P.

I feel that the care shown to her was and is the important ingredient to her improved recovery. My wife is getting around on her feet more confidently now. The wound care given was professional and commended by hospital staff at Baylor.

David S.

Evergreen has good staff. Whenever I felt like giving up, staff was always there for me to never give up. Therapy was good to me, they help me in ever step of the way, I will always say thanks to them. They did heck of a job. Nurses were always there for me too. Overall, I recommend Evergreen for short stay rehab!

Pete V.

Words can’t truly express my gratitude concerning the loving care my father was given during his stay at Brentwood II.

Mrs. F.

Good place for short stay rehab. Physical therapy was very helpful. All staff is nice. I recommend Evergreen!

Antonio R.

My aunt has been a resident here for 7 years…although long term care is now mixed with those receiving short term care/physical therapy…this is home for many. If it weren’t for the Activities Director, Carolyn Daniels I don’t know how any resident would have made it through this past year during Covid. Ms. Daniels makes sure that each person is engaged in an activity: crafts, Bingo, coloring…each holiday she puts together a festivity with all the things to put a smile on these individuals faces. When I couldn’t go in to visit she made sure we Skyped on a regular basis…Carolyn Daniels is a hero in my eyes…she will sacrifice her holidays with her family to be there for the residents….thank you❤more of you are needed in this line of work!

Theresa S.

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